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aimed at government control over the people's lives in the united states of america. the tea baggers are protesters -- or tea party yers, rather, are protesting about government seizing a huge chunk of the american economy and imposing near dictatorial controls. and by the way, i don't think the death panel thing is quite as far-fetched as a lot of commentators are saying. when the exchanges are put in, when the insurance exchanges are put in in states, that is going to allow a certain kind of almost death panel-like chrome by bureaucrats. so i don't think president clinton is on the right track here, although i do admire him a lot in terms of his taste in women in arkansas, but i do not think that he's barking up the right tree here. neil: now, now, now, now. adam, one of the issues i want to raise with you, again, regardless of what he said about tea partiers and all, is his thinking and is the democratic leadership's thinking, look, we don't want to run into the bus that we ran into surg the during when we would go home for a break when we had all these town hall protesters, we do
, a special thanksgiving message from president oba. >> coming up, president obama wants america to give thanks by sharing the bounty. mmm. mmm. has he seen the deficit? >> sharing our wealth is a common theme from the white house. here's part of president obama's annual pro stock la may go. >> i encourage all the people of the united states to come together to express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own. ben, are you going to get a social security check or iou because with $12 trillion in debt i don't know if there's any bounty left to share? >> well, i'm not going to get social security. this is city a country in which well to do people have a lot to give to less we forpe there's no more money throughout mr. obama for you to spend on your fantasy projects. weaver broke. >> there are some people out there. an andy warhol silk screen went for big money. but you brought up a point. it's somebody making $250,000 or $300,000 or the small business owner. >> everybody will feel the pain. it channels down this past year, $3.5 trillion were spent tor snore but you have to have som
of america. if she looked out of her window she could see a lot of americans, perhaps most don't want this done. >> well, first off, first off, it's gary k, the wrong gary. look, this is about egos, this is about politicians that think they're omnipotent and they can get away with anything. i take issue with adam. nancy pelosi never campaigned on tax rates going to 45% and 1.1 trillion dollars being spent. it was all about getting the uninsured taken care of. that's all that was about. i think that is the same. three years ago, the republicans said they would never lose leadership and now the democrats think no matter what they do they're going to get away with it. guess what? eleks have consequences we've seen them already and the amazing thing she was out saying we won. if that's winning, they're in big, big trouble come 2010. they're going to get-- >> boy, completely intellectually dishonest to say because a bunch of people are screaming loudly in the hallway outside their office which they have every democratic right to do. >> god bless them. >> to equate that with people are agai
care in america. but next, the same week we find out tens of thousands of those created jobs were completely made up democrats in congress call for stimulus two. what? ú#÷@ç >> this is a "fox news alert." a rare saturday session is underway right now on capitol hill. pictures of the senate floor where a crucial vote on health care reform is just hours away. democrats need 60 votes to start debating their bill. and right now they have zero republicans. that means they need all 58 democrats plus the two independents. the two holdouts right now, louisiana senator mary landrieu and arkansas senator blanche lincoln. we will have live coverage of the vote and everything leading up to it here on the fox news channel. that vote scheduled for 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. you're also going to see now some live pictures from the international space station. this is mission control. they switch back and forth. the two astronauts are floating hundreds of miles above earth right now. it's the second spis walk of the mission -- spacewalk of the mission, trying to do some maintenance work and
in america has health care. they all have access to health care. everybody doesn't own a health insurance policy. so the argument is there are 47 million that are uninsured. but when you subtract from that 47 million illegal aliens, immigrants, and those that qualify under an employer's plan or government plan or make over $75,000 a year, now you're down to 12.1 million americans, less than 4% that don't own a health insurance policy. i would say to democrats that are concerned about speaking to tea beag people, or tea party people today or when they go home, it's easy to do that this afternoon. get your primmer east of the capital at 1:00. we're gathering today. we're doing a press conference of we're going to ask real people to speak into the microphone, into the media, to lay out what's in their heads, in their hearts, and mix that in with congress. this is the last stand to defend our freedom and oppose this socialized medicine bill. jamie: congressman king, good to see you thank you very much. rick: the labor department reporting the unemployment rate took a dramatic leap upwards yes
their mouth. they're insulting their intelligence. all you have to know is if nancy pelosi and air america likes, it then it's public option, ok? if we're going to rebrand, it give the right name, driving deficit higher healthcare, lose your doctor and wait healthcare, or, you know, something like that. because that's exactly what it's going to be. >> first of all, i knew ben stein when he was an optimist, you know, talking about want gestapo policing our healthcare and whatnot. ben, you didn't used to talk that way, and i don't think it's that grave. the important word, everybody -- neil: january 20 changed for him. i don't know what happened. >> the important word is not public versus consumer. the important word is option. there's going to be an option. that means you opt out if that is not what you want. >> that's the most disingenuous word in the whole thing. a yeah? because no one's going force anyone sitting here -- >> we have to do this show all over again. i mean, come o. we know people are going to be forced off the doctors they have now. corporations are going to opt out of it.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)